Take a look at the artworks available to auction! All pieces are original, one-of-a-kind artworks. Each artwork can take one month’s or more work at the school to complete.

All purchases help to support our students as well as the school.

Please note, you will need to register an account on our website to place a bid. This is to ensure that we have the contact details of the winning bidder for each piece to finalise the sale. We will not use your information in any other way.

SHIPPING COSTS: Winning bid does not include the cost of shipping. Shipping within China is 150rmb (25$CAD), international shipping is 50$CAD.

CURRENCY CONVERSION: Bids are accepted in Canadian dollars only, but the winning bid can be paid in Canadian dollars through Paypal or in Chinese Yuan through WeChat (1$CAD = 6 RMB).

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