Took on the very first student, Choe Gyamtso, October 15, 2010, and the second Khedup, about 2 months later.


First edition of the portrait drawing book was published late spring 2011

Organized and hosted the first ever artists’ conference, a 2 day event, with speakers from Amdo, Kham and Lhasa, as well as over 200 participants. Topics included: traditional meets modern art with all its pros and cons, the beginnings of artists signing their own work, importance of know the meaning behind the symbols in art etc. it’s was amazing, the bringing together of elder and young artists to discuss the issues faces artists today.

Attended for the first time, the annual Tibetan picnic June 2011, and had a small exhibit of our work.

Took on two more students, Kelsang Tsetan and Gendun Tenzin, both from Qinghai


Had the first official entreat experience exam and took on two more new students, Ogha and Yonten Thinley

Attended the Tibetan picnic and had a larger exhibition of our work

We were invited to attend a small artists’ conference on the work of artist Amdo Jampa, who had worked and lived in Lhasa, and attempted to modernize his drawings.

We were invited to and I was asked to speak at another artists conference organized and hosted by the art/ medical museum in Xining.


Helped organize and the students were able to attend the second artists’ conference, held this time in Chengdu. We travelled down by train, a first for my students, and they were able to make connections with artists and calligraphers from the Kham area.

We were invited to lead two drawing workshops for a girls training camp in Xining. Most were from an orphanage in Qinghai, and my boys did a great job of helping teach drawing to the young girls.

We were commissioned to paint an 8x2metre long painting of 101 famous Tibetans in history. The patron rented a large studio space for us in Xining, so we moved our work there from my tiny apartment.

Attended and held an art exhibition at the Tibetan picnic in Xining.

Took on 2 new students, Sherab Gyamtso and my very first girl student, Kulha.


Travelled for a visit to Canada in Feb-March and brought artworks and handicrafts to hold several workshops and art exhibitions in Hamilton and Toronto.

Was commissioned to paint a series of illustrations for a book on the life of Tsongkapa

Was commissioned by the local tourism bureau to paint a 2x2metre map of Labrang monastery

Completed work on the 8×2 metre long historical painting, which was shown on display in Xining and in a museum in Beijing.

Moved to the newly purchased house in Labrang, so students can live in, as there are dorms for both girls and boys and studio space.

Attended and held an exhibition at the annual Tibetan picnic.

Took on two new students, Jigme and Lhamo.


We were invited to lead a weekend art seminar at a handicrafts training school in Hongyuan, an orphanage/ school for students from single parents. Took 3 students with me, any they helped run the training sessions.

Had a visit from an old Irish friend, who brought with him a carbon fiber guitar to paint for a client. While at the school, they helped us install plumbing, so we now have a flushing toilet and water in the kitchen. They also filmed a short documentary about the whole experience.

Attended the annual Tibetan picnic in Xining and had our usual art exhibition

A documentary about us was filmed by the Qinghai TV station.

Held our first workshops for visiting tour and school groups.

We had our first graduation ceremony for Choe Gyamtso on October 15 and took on two new students, Sonam Gyamtso and Dorje Tsering.

Began our yearly practice of a day picking up garbage in the monastery and town