The strength of our school is showcased in our talented, hardworking students. They are at the heart of everything we do. Come and meet them all!

Chimey Gyamtso – Choe GyamtsoChoeyangDadrug TseringDhonchoe – DorjeGyamtsoJamyangJigmeKelsang TsetanKuntar Tsering – KangkyiKulhaOghaPhalzinRinchenRinchen TsoSherabTashi MedokWangmoWende TsoYonten

School only takes a small number of students, with a focus on quality rather than quantity. Each September, entrance exams are held, with applicants welcome to come at any time during the month. On the 30th, a “family meeting” is held during which Kristel and her students go through all the exam papers, and each student gives his/her view as to which 2 or 3 applicants they would choose to accept. Finally a vote is held, and those applicants with the most votes are called and accepted into the school, beginning their studies on October 15th. That evening, the welcome dinner for the new students is held, along with the graduation party for the students leaving. This method has allowed us to maintain an excellent quality of student, and the students themselves feel they have a part in maintaining that quality. It also prevents the issue that is common in these areas of having potential students’ families feel they can persuade, or bribe the school to accept their friends or relatives. It is clear for the students and their families that the final decision is entirely democratic.