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As the students that are selected are mostly from low income nomadic families, Kristel does not charge any tuition for the 5 years of training. Only a token amount of 500 RMB is paid by the families for the entire 5 year period. Remarkably, the school has therefore been funded solely by the sales of Kristel and the students’ artworks as well as commissioned paintings and murals.

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Every little bit counts to help support our fundraising. 

Whatever you can afford, will go directly to the management and operation of the school, supporting our students to continue their art studies and helping protect and promote their cultural heritage.

$10 Pays for: 5 days of coal heating or 10 days of electricity or 5 sketch books

$20 Pays for: 5 days of lunches or 4 easels or 7 jars of acrylic paint

$50 Pays for: a month of electricity (in the summer) or 2 sacks of potatoes or a full set of art supplies for 2 new students (easel, portfolio, sketchbook, pencils etc.)