Kelsang Tsetan graduated in 2016. From Shunghua, he was a wild child, whose uncle, an old friend of mine begged me to make an exception, as I normally only took students 20 years and up. He is 18, I was told, so I agreed to take him on trial for a few months, and in the environment of our school, he turned out to be a sweet kid, who loved art. A year later, at his birthday celebration, when asked how old he was, I was told,” I am turning 18″… 3 years later, he finally turned 19. seems I had taken him on at 15, but by that point he was one of my kids, and with his talent and sweetness, has been an asset to the school. After graduation, he has gone on to study a particular branch of thangka in Chengdu, and continues to do well.